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When one has the head on right ...

Maintenance suggestions, tricks of the trade

When one has the head on right ...

One of the key components of the wrapping process is the coating head that spreads glue on the foil that shall be wrapped around the profile, creating a very thin adhesive layer on the foil surface.

In order to ensure the best production performance, correct maintenance of the coating head is vital. We suggest cleaning the external part quite often. This component is in contact with the foil and must therefore be in perfect working conditions, as any imperfection or dirt on the lip shall create a coating defect.

When the machine must be stopped, for even just a couple of hours, our engineers recommend sealing the lips with the Blu Taka Cleaner; when the production is started again, it shall be necessary to drain a little adhesive in the relevant tray, checking that it forms a homogeneous veil. Usually, there remains a small adhesive residue on the coating lip; remove the majority of it with a piece of cardboard, to avoid scratching the surface, then use a cloth and the WPR cleaner to remove any adhesive residue.

If this is not enough, because in the meanwhile some reticulated glue residue has formed which cannot be removed with a cloth or the cleaner, it is recommended to use brass brushes to clean the head lip. Such brushes physically remove all residues, then a cloth and the cleaner can be used to remove everything and leave the head ready for use.

It is fundamental to remember that this maintenance procedure must be performed every time that the head is closed and every time the machine has been in stand-by for even a couple of hours. The important thing is to remove every glue residue from the lip. When the machine is working and the glue is stopped, stopping the production, it is recommended to clean the head immediately, because a tiny glue residue will remain, which it is important to remove immediately.

Another aspect to be taken into account every time production is concluded or the machine remains in stand-by for over two hours, is that the head must be closed completely, so that all the glue inside it can be eliminated; this prevents the adhesive inside the head to react to high temperatures and form impurities.

Another valuable suggestion concerning the coating head is to check the filters regularly. The filter must be disassembled, checked and, if necessary, replaced, at least once a month.

Failing to perform this preventive maintenance might cause lines to form on the glue surface, due to the accumulation of residues. The lines shall remain and be noticeable in the finished profile, which shall therefore have to be classified as ineligible.

In the end, the quality of production is a matter of having the head on right!