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Producing Quality Profiles

Producing Quality Profiles

The profile wrapping sector is becoming increasingly competitive and in order to ensure the quality of production it is therefore necessary to consider some key features of the materials and the lamination equipment. Let’s have a look at some features:

Choice of material: Using excellent components is not enough, the right combination is also essential. For instance, foils should be chosen according to the climate prevailing in the area of installation, so as to guarantee maximum resistance to weathering (heat, rain, snow, cold, etc.).HMPUR glues and Primers must be chosen according to the expected final performance (for a list of RAL716-certified glues, please click on the following link:

After the choice of materials, the application parameters as shown in the RAL technical guide (GKFP), for instance, profile pre-heating, glue application temperature (melting unit and head), head and melting unit cleaning, glue quantity, glueing line and profile temperature before pressing, pressing process and, finally the on line and off line application tests on the finished material (quality controls) are also important. Another important parameter is the relative humidity value in connection with the temperature, which is essential in order to have sufficient water for HMPUR adhesives reticulation.