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Let’s talk about: Wrapping area (pressing)

In order to guarantee proper adhesion, it is recommended to keep the pressure on while the temperature in the glueing line remains between 38° - 40°C.

Once the profile has been wrapped, it is important to assess the adhesion by performing an adhesion test by manual peeling after 2-3 minutes from the end of the process. This fast test makes it possible to understand, through cohesive fracture, whether the application parameters were complied with. A correctly performed process is shown by the presence of glue on both foil and profile.

Following the above mentioned recommendations, there may be both  a physical (performed by the system) and a chemical (reticulation) adhesion, which occur not in the production line, but rather during storage; this is why ideally the material should remain 1 or 2 days in the same environment as that of the wrapping plant.

Relative humidity in the working environment is necessary for glue reticulation. Therefore, for ideal processing it is suggested that profiles be stocked in the correct temperature and RH conditions for four days (2 days before and 2 days after the processing) (See GKFP table on page 13 of “Reliable Lamination of Window Profiles”, February 2016).