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Book: Windows profile wrapping

The first book worldwide which is exclusively dedicated to the topic "Foil lamination of window profiles" has been published. It is available in English, Italian and German.

On more than 180 pages with numerous illustrations and photos, the author Maurizio Carrer goes into detail about the various aspects of the industrial production of window profiles. Starting with the production chain and the material properties of the various components, through to industrial plants and the actual laminating process, the book offers an easy introduction to the subject and extensive background knowledge. It is aimed at all those who deal with the subject of foil lamination in their profession and provides interesting aspects and new contexts for operators, production managers and managing directors alike. Especially helpful are the recommended working parameters and the trouble shooting in the last chapter with the corresponding solutions, which can immediately be applied in your own production.   

The author Maurizio Carrer has been working in the adhesives industry for more than 35 years and deals mainly with profile and panel lamination. Initially his focus was on the furniture industry, but over the last ten years, he has increasingly made a name for himself in the window industry. As Technical Director of Taka Srl, the leading supplier of hot-melt polyurethane adhesives for profile lamination, he is in daily contact with numerous wrapping companies worldwide. His field of activity includes not only technical customer service, but also product development, research and, for the last two years, consulting and training of laminators. Through the continuous exchange of information, he has gained valuable experience and information over the years. It struck him that most of the companies in the industry are confronted with very similar problems, but there is one fundamental constant: the lack of expertise.

To this day, knowledge of the wrapping process is based mainly on the experience of the individual laminating companies and recommendations from suppliers. Even experienced system operators have usually acquired their craft by passing on their knowledge from colleagues or by trial and error. Only rarely, are the interrelationships of all influencing factors known and if experienced personnel leave a company, their expertise leaves with them. The shortage of skilled workers and high staff turnover in the industry have led to an enormous need for training in recent years. During his personnel training courses, Mr. Carrer was repeatedly asked for literature recommendations, which led to the idea of making his accumulated knowledge available in a book of his own.

It took a total of three years to complete the book. While writing, Mr. Carrer received professional support from Prof. Dr. Franco Bulian of the Italian test and research laboratory CATAS. During his research, he also consulted extensively with the leading German system houses and suppliers of decorative foils, who kindly provided numerous images to illustrate the book. Thus, the book represents a representative state of knowledge and reflects the current state of the art. Although it is a predominantly technical work, the partly complex subject matter is treated in simple language and clearly arranged, so that especially newcomers to the industry will find an easy access.

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